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The annual assessments are due on January 1, 2021. They are considered late after January 31, 2021.

We encourage all owners to submit payment for any outstanding assessment balances. Collection notices will be sent to all owners with an account balance after January 31, 2021.  If owners are experiencing difficulties related to the pandemic, a request can be submitted for payment deferment and/or extended payment plans to the Board for review. Please contact Pennie Mancuso in our accounting department at MASC Austin Properties, Inc. via phone at (713) 776-1771 or via email to make the necessary payment if you haven't paid your 2020 annual  assessments.

Payment via TownSq is available! Please click the link and follow the prompts to register your TownSq account. If you have already registered, please click the link and login as usual.

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2021 assessments